Francisco J. Castillo
~Composer, Oboist, English Horn, arranger and Teacher~
Executive Producer


Francisco J. Castillo is a Composer, Orchestra Conductor and Oboe Performer & Soloist. Born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Graduated with a MM from the University of Southern California and Licenciatura and BM from the University of Costa Rica. Winner of the Costa Rican National prize in composition, 1979 and the 34th Chamber Music Competition in Colmar, France, 1985.
Francisco recorded the Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra by Charles Fernandez with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Mr. Castillo is an oboe and chamber music instructor at Redlands University, Pasadena City College, Pomona College, the Idyllwild Arts Academy and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Francisco is principal oboist with the Redlands Symphony, California Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Pasadena Pops Orchestra. Mr. Castillo has performed with many different orchestras in the U. S. and abroad.

Oswald Bernard
~Composer -- Arranger ~ Trumpet~

Oswald 09

Oswaldo began his studies in music when he was 11 years old at the Conservatorio de Castella in San Jose, Costa Rica. He also studied at the University of Costa Rica and completed the composing and arranging program (CAP) at the Dick Grove School of Music. He recalls written arrangements at the age of 15 because he and his schoolmates did not have any music to play. In order to have fun he made up bands and began to write music. Oswaldo has been the leader of many bands in Costa Rica, as well as in the United States. Opa-Opa is his latest project and he feels very fortunate to be a part of such an excellent group of musicians and friends. For the Bolero Project Oswaldo wrote the songs Llanura and You, re-ochestated his song Soledad for The Bolero Project CD, a song originally written for his CD Paisajes with his group Opa-Opa and arranged the song El Rejol by Roberto Cantoral.

Ron Hess
~Composer ~ Arranger~

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From his first professional gigs in pop bands in early high school, Ron Hess has evolved successive careers as a conductor, orchestrator, arranger, producer, and composer. Possessing a Master’s Degree from Boston’s New England Conservatory and a diploma from U.C.L.A. Extension’s filmscoring program, his real education came from an early career counting disproportionate numbers of rests in orchestral trombone sections while keenly scrutinizing style and technique of hundreds of conductors and composition and orchestration from rehearsal dissection of thousands of pieces. Side work as a music copyist and engraver both allowed and required a snail’s-pace microscopic examination of thousands more.

As an author, he has penned over 70 articles for Film Music Magazine, educating fellow industry professionals in practical areas of orchestration, live and studio conducting, recording session supervision, music copying, software, production, and industry trends and strategy.

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Patrice Williams
~Composer ~ Arranger ~ Bassoon, Synthesizer ~

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Patrice is the composer for the song “Caminando con el SOl” and the arranger for the song Somos Novios by Armando Manzanero. She is and excellent gourmet cook, bassoonist and composer.

Tommy Pedrini IV
~Composer -- Arranger - Synthesizer~

Tommy 09

Tommy graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Film Scoring and composition.
He arranged the songs El Vendedor by Juan Carlos Calderon Lopez de Arroyabe y Aquellos Ojos Verdes by Nilo Menendez for
The Bolero Project & Más CD.
Tommy currently resides in an adorable little bungalow in beautiful Echo Park!. He is the creator of the website Cats on Mars. (

Charles Fernandez
~Composer ~ Arranger ~ Bassoon~

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Charles Fernandez began composing for television and film in 1989. He has composed for television series such as Disney's Little Mermaid; Disney's Aladdin; Universal's Casper Cartoon Series (For which he received two Emmy and one Annie Nomination); Disney's Doug; Disney's 101 Dalmations; Dreamworks' Toonsylvania and Disney's Bonkers . Among films he's written for are Doug's 1st Movie/Disney; Aladdin III/Disney; The Pebble and the Penguin/MGM; All Dog's Go To Heaven II/MGM; Aladdin and the King of Thieves/Disney; All Dogs Christmas Carol/MGM; Babes in Toyland/MGM; Tom Sawyer/MGM; Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein/Universal; The New Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbalina/Artisan; Jingle Bells/Artisan and The Tangerine Bear/Artisan. Charles is the arranger for the song “La Bikina” by Ruben Fuentes Gasson on The Bolero Project & Más CD. For more information on credits and personal history please see the credits page.

Joaquin Kino Gil
~ Art Design - Director ~ Film Maker~


From early on Joaquin Gil (or "Kino" as he is known to his many friends) was interested in visual storytelling. His first film experience came when he was selected to play the lead in a bittersweet, chaplinesque film by Italian director Luccio Ranucci: "Il Circo," which went on to garner awards in Italy, France and Spain. Mr. Gil was seven years old at the time.

By his early twenties, Joaquin's creative work had grown. He had crafted -- and performed with -- complex puppets, he had written and performed two electronic music ballets, three stage plays and completed a B&W video short inspired by a chilling short story.

By the time Costa Rica created its first PBS-like broadcast station, Joaquin, a budding filmmaker who had a fresh Anthropology major and several minors in Science, Music and Fine Art, was part of the picture and determined to stay on it.

While at RNTV Channel 13, he directed, edited and sometimes even scored the music for more than 150 documentaries on Artisans, Ecology, Traditions, the Arts and Mythology, as well as the first two Costa Rican music-videos of any international consequence. He co-directed his first two "made-for-TV" features, both adaptations of stage plays by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg: "The Strongest" and "The Dying Light." His documentary "Costa Rica's Eyes" on Archaeological work at the Costa Rican National Museum remains an artistically rich and coherent look at an amazing and sometimes puzzling collection.

Kino pursued graduate studies as a Fulbright Scholar at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts, or "CalArts," the school founded by Walt Disney in order to foster the visual, technical and artistic talents and techniques of tomorrow. Kino's love for electronic imagery and music, filmmaking and storytelling found fertile ground for sophisticated growth and challenge in the world-class environment which also produced other CGI-savvy directors of the stature of directors Tim Burton, John Lasseter (PIXAR), Eric Darnell (Antz) and Peter Docter (Monster's Inc.).
After receiving his Master's from CalArt's Film School, he worked in a series of pioneering CGI and film projects until hired as Technical Director/Artist in Residence and eventually Applications Manager for software giant Wavefront Technologies, of Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Gil served in the U.S., Latin America and Japan, creating custom computer graphics imagery solutions for clients like Sony, Fuji, Televisa and Martin Marietta/N.A.S.A. before becoming a consultant designing complete digital imagery facilities in South America, Mexico and the U.S.

While creating a custom animation pipeline for a client of Silicon Graphics, Mr. Gil was invited to join the team at Sony Pictures Imageworks' Los Angeles facility and contribute effects for the Hollywood films of the company, among them Oscar laureate As Good As It Gets, Oscar-nominated Contact, cult favorite Starship Troopers, and mega hits Godzilla, Sphere, City of Angels and Stuart Little besides a pilot, "Off the Wall," a mixture of hand animation and computer compositing.

The experience proved rewarding, and allowed Mr. Gil the practice and knowledge to create effects and imagery today from his own, custom-designed facility, for documentary work, advertising and independent films.

As founder and president of, his digital film and CGI production company in the Marina del Rey area of Los Angeles, Mr. Gil has finally found the way to develop his vision. Two of his CGI works were recently premiered at the Santa Monica Boulevard. Kodak Theater: the whimsical "SNo-Man's Land" and the passionate "Tanz," a completely digital choreography generated from the motion-capture and gravity-simulation files of a single digital human dancer.

Mr. Gil continues his work on cost-effective creation of wholly digital SD/HDTV and feature films. His keeping abreast of digital film technology is balanced by attention in the human crafting of his stories, drawing lessons and counterpoints from rich mythological sources.

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